Architectural Project Inception

With any project, it's hard to think of a more important step than the planning phases. The planning process is particularly essential establishing a clear sense of the projects location, site conditions, space requirements and budget.


Every project has a starting point, where interested parties come together to talk about what needs to be done in order to complete the necessary work. In architecture, everything begins with the programming stage. Before a design is drafted, before materials are decided on, and before a site is chosen, the Architect must sit down with the client to go over everything from start to finish.

At GPA Inc, we find it helpful to picture programming as a conversation between two parties, where both can learn something from the other. As the Architects, we learn about the client’s goals and vision for the project, ranging from more general information like the intended use and function of the building, to more specific items like space requirements and budget.

GPA Inc takes pride in our ability to fully understand what a client wants, and can provide comparable alternatives in situations where things won't work for practical or structural reasons. Our comprehensive understanding of the programming process makes us an excellent choice for anyone in need of an Architect.

Our team of highly educated and experienced Architects are able to provide superior support for all projects, no matter how big or small they are.

So whether your project is in Los Angeles, San Bernadino, Texas, Miami or Temecula, give GPA Inc a call. (714) 632-8999

GPA Inc 3D Rendering

Site Selection

Selecting a site is more complicated than simply choosing an available parcel. Site selection requires a careful examination of different areas, factoring in many things beyond aesthetic appeal. Zoning and community development associations can have a large impact on your location. The surrounding infrastructure is always an important thing to consider. Accsessibility, roadways easements, setback, soil conditions and many other items all have an impact on any project.

If your project is for your businesses, location plays a major role in determining whether or not an endeavor will be successful.

Undeveloped sites in cities like Los Angeles and most major cities are hard to find, however, finding a site in the outlying cities like San Bernadino may be easy to find but may not offer the advantages of a major city. Most major cities offer some sort of redevelopment agency funding, while new cities like Temecula do not. While working with redevelopment committees can be a difficult process, the financial rewards can be beneficial.

Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is a central part of building design and construction. Once a site has been chosen for the future structure, the study can begin. During this period, the site is thoroughly examined in order to determine whether or not it is a suitable place to construct the building. Once the study is complete, those involved in the project can make a decision as to whether or not to proceed with that location in mind, based on the information that has been collected. Alternatively, if the study determines that a location is not suitable, the search can then begin for another site.

There are many things that GPA Inc takes into consideration when carrying out a feasibility study. Governmental regulations, site conditions, budgetary constraints, and environmental problems all have an impact on any project.