Construction Bidding and Negotiation

Once the design of your facility is complete. Selection of construction companies to bid the project is a joint effort, selecting Contractors familiar with type of project and with a good reputation. During the bidding process, GPA Inc answers Contractors’ questions, verifies the bonding requirements, and establishes the date, time and process for opening the bids. If it is a public opening, all bidding Contractors are invited to attend to see who is the lowest bidder. While the decision of which company to choose is ultimately yours, having the advice of experienced professionals is invaluable. There are times when the client has a relationship with a construction company and wishes to negotiate a fee for doing the work. GPA Inc works with the Contractor to design the project to maximize the effectiveness of materia¬ls and process for the construction.

Contract Administration

Once you have selected the construction company to build your facility, GPA Inc verifies that the project is being built in accordance with the contract documents. We inspect the construction at important phases of the process, and notify both you and the Contractor of any deficiency. We review the Contractor’s submittals for materials to be used on the project and review and the Contractors’ application for progress payment. At the completion of the project, we inspect the project, note deficiencies, review the Contractors’ submittals, and approve his final payment, retaining monies for unpaid materials and labor and incomplete work.

GPA Inc 3D Rendering

Project Closeout

When the project is complete, the Contractor submits all “as built” drawings indicating any changes that were made during the construction process. The Contractor is required to submit guarantees from his company and all Subcontractors, complete release of liens form all workers and suppliers, all manufactures printed operating instructions along with a certificate of occupancy issued by the governing cities agency, prior to a release of final payment.


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